Our Story

Founded: 2015
Headquarters: South Shields, UK
Availability: UK & Ireland

An evolving brand, which creates unique furniture that kid’s love! We believe our boys are superheroes and our girls, princesses!

Zuggi was founded in 2015 by father of 3, John Orr from South Shields; John was fed up with the vast majority of children’s novelty & character beds being sold at high prices and only in the smaller toddler size. John’s experience told him that a toddler size bed would normally only be used for around 1 year before being outgrown by the child. Something had to change.
John’s son was 2 years old when he and his partner set out to buy his first bed. The search began at local bed stores; vast fields of beds neatly laid out under the buzz of fluorescent lights. Pushy salesmen encouraged them to buy a top of the range toddler bed. For £350.00 it should have been the pinnacle of quality, but it wasn’t. To make matters worse, the return policy rendered it impossible to return. It was like buying a car. Actually it was worse than buying a car!

John shared his story with friends. Unsurprisingly, many had similar experiences. There was work to be done. Why not create high quality single size, novelty beds which can be used for 5 or more years?

John believes that business can be honest, and premium products don’t need to be exclusive and come with a premium price tag. Especially not children’s beds!

John Orr

John Orr

John Orr is the founder of Zuggi. He has 15 years experience in eCommerce and has worked with the leading UK furniture manufacturers and wholesalers. Prior to starting Zuggi John established and built up an eCommerce furniture and housewares business.